Eiffel Style Guide

Write your Eiffel code like Gobo!


  • Don't do unneccesary clones! Especially in loop constructs.

When using Gobo:

  • When you want to iterate over a (iterable) structure use a DS_CURSOR.
  • If you want to fill a DS_LIST with elements use 'put_last'.


All Eiffel files should begin with the following indexing clause:

    description: "<Description of file goes here>"
    authors: "<Full name of original author(s)>"
    copyright: "<State Copyright here and link to license file.>"
    date: "$Date: $"
    revision: "$Revision: 3 $"
    url: $HeadURL: <Expanded by Subversion> $
    last_changed_by: $Author: <Expanded by Subversion> $