Building .deb packages for EiffelStudio

To build a .deb package for EiffelStudio, you first need to have EiffelStudio installed on your machine. EiffelStudio tarballs can be down loaded from Do as follows.

Download and install

Download the appropriate tarball and extract to ‘/usr/local/EiffelNN’ where NN is the actual version you’ve downloaded.

Make sure you have the neccessary Debian tools installed

The package ‘lintian’ is optional.

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential
$ sudo apt-get install devscripts
$ sudo apt-get install debhelper
$ sudo apt-get install fakeroot
$ sudo apt-get install lintian

Set up the EiffelStudio build packaging environment

Create a working directory, eg. ‘~/proj/eiffelstudio and cd to that and run the following commands:

~/proj/eiffelstudio$ export SVNURL=
~/proj/eiffelstudio$ svn export $SVNURL/Delivery/scripts/unix/packaging
~/proj/eiffelstudio$ svn export $SVNURL/Delivery/scripts/unix/make_unix_layout
~/proj/eiffelstudio$ svn export $SVNURL/Delivery/scripts/unix/make_debian_package

Set environment variables

Set the environment variables:

~/proj/eiffelstudio$ export ISE_EIFFEL=/user/local/EiffelNN
~/proj/eiffelstudio$ export ISE_PLATFORM=linux-x86 (or linux-x86-64)

Build the .deb package

~/proj/eiffelstudio$ ./make_debian_package

You should now have a .deb file named something like this:


Where N.N is the version, X is the patch number and VVVV is the Subversion revision number that the release was built from.

Note: Unfortunately the EiffelStudio build packaging scripts only allow you to build a .deb package for the architecture you’re building on.